Forum Title: Benefit of insulating pipe
I am running 2 pex water lines (hot & cold) approximately 50' across my yard to another building on my property. I plan to fully insulate the hot water line but is there a good reason to insulate the underground cold water line while I have the opportunity? The trench will be below the frost line here in NC. Thanks.
Category: Plumber Post By: CHRISTINE CAMPBELL (Bentonville, AR), 07/19/2017

Thanks for the replies. I understand that the cold line should be protected from rocks and stones (although we don't have rocky ground on my property) and I will protect it just case by adding pvc around the pipe. Should I also use styrofoam insulation on the cold water line or Just simply protect it from the rock, etc?

- ANTONIO FISHER (Cicero, IL), 09/04/2017

I also do not understand using pex. cts101, try this..hold a section of 3/4'' pex in on hand. and a section of 3/4 pvc in the other look at the ID [inside diameter} of the pipe. then figure out which one you want to use.

- ROBIN FISHER (Gainesville, FL), 09/06/2017

i would insulate to protect it from rocks and ground movement. but why pex and not copper. i dont understand this plastic craze that is going around. if copper is installed correctly it will last a long time. you can by soft copper and roll it out

- KATHERINE ROGERS (Valdosta, GA), 09/12/2017

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