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Hello, and thanks for letting me join this forum. I doing a complete remodel of my master bath including a large shower with two "stations". One side of the shower will have a normal shower head and a handheld, and the other side will be a rain-head and another handheld. Here is a link to my plumbing submittal package. Here is a simple floor plan showing the layout and measurements on this bathroom: I know a little about plumbing. If anyone would like to help me work out a diagram for the valve arrangements I have chosen, I would greatly appreciate it. If my question is too vague, please help me figure out how to ask the right questions. Thanks in advance. Also, all the valves we selected are threaded for use with copper and I want to use PEX instead. How big of a deal is it to switch out for components that allow for the use of PEX? Can we use these same valves or do I have to order entirely different items? Thanks, Josh
Category: Plumber Post By: MYRTLE ROBBINS (Memphis, TN), 04/07/2017

buy whatever valve you want. then,,if it is a threaded valve, buy a threaded 1/2'' x 1/2'' pex adapter if it is sweat conection get a 1/2'' fitting x 1/2'' pex i caution you....I would not run anything to your shower but 3/4'' size if i was using pex volume, you want volume in a big shower, if you run 1/2 it will be like a old man peeing...dribble dribble

- MICHAEL ROWN (Norman, OK), 09/06/2017

Like Frodo said use adapters to connect PEX to valves. The main valve has 2 mounting holes to secure valve with 2 screws but you don't always have something behind valve to screw it to. rigid copper pipe allows a more rigid installation. You can secure the pipe. The diverter valve doesn't have mounting holes . If you use rigid pipe you can secure the valve with the pipe. I suggest pipe every thing from the mix valve to the diverter valve and on to heads and hose adapters to use all rigid copper. Then PEX hot and cold to main valve.

- GILBERT CHAMBERS (Evanston, IL), 10/05/2017

update: I spoke to my plumbing supply person who said they don't make multi-functions valves that are compatible with PEX. She thinks the only way to do what I want to do in my shower is with copper pipe. thoughts?

- WAYNE COX (Salina, KS), 10/10/2017

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