Forum Title: Clean out of two sink drain
I have a dual sink bathroom vanity and both sinks are running slowly. I have tried removing the drain plugs and cleaning out the hair and stuff around the stopper, and I have removed the P traps and verified there's nothing in them, and I have also used a snake. When I do the snake it simply runs from one P trap to the other and doesn't cleAn anything significant out of the pipes. There must be a T joint in the wall that both drains connect to, but I can't get the snake to find that T joint and make the turn. Any suggestions on how to clean out the line from the T joint to the main drain/sewer line?
Category: Plumber Post By: SHEILA GUZMAN (Alamogordo, NM), 08/22/2016

Disconnect the plumbing from under the sink and start your snaking there.

- SUZANNE WELCH (Poway, CA), 09/04/2017

That's what I was trying to describe when I wrote about snaking from one P trap to the other. I push the snake in through one P trap and rather than making a turn at the T it just goes straight across and comes out the P trap on the other sink. I read on another post a suggestion to put a slight kink in the snake to help it make the turn at the T.

- BEVERLY DIAZ (Springfield, IL), 09/21/2017

Yeah, you will need to kink the line in order to give it some direction.

- KATHRYN CRUZ (Bloomington, MN), 10/03/2017

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