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Im trying to get my cold water straight from the water main but when turning any faucet in my house to the coldest setting the water still comes out lukewarm. When ive ran the cold water for a while then turn it to hot, the water comes out colder. Also when i first turn on the cold water it comes out cold then warms up just a little bit to lukewarm. How do i make it so that when turning the faucet to cold, the water will just come from the ground without having to activate the water heater? Thanks
Category: Plumber Post By: LLOYD LITTLE (New York City, NY), 02/21/2017

turn the valve at the water heater off then see if you are still getting warm water if you do not get warm water, then you have a hot line tied into the cold,,,somewhere do the little experiment, post your findings

- GARY LEWIS (DeSoto, TX), 09/06/2017

If you turned off the valve feeding cold water to the water heater and you have no water at any fixture when you turn on that fixture to only HOT then you are not pulling any water from the water heater. you have isolated the hot from the cold and probably do not have a crossed line.

- FLOYD NEWMAN (Camden, NJ), 09/18/2017

So ive turned off the valve but the water is still lukewarm. No water comes out when i turn it to hot, when i turn it to cold it comes out cold at first then gets lukewarm. This means i have a hot line tied in with the cold? What does it take to fix? The kitchen bathroom and shower are all the same.

- RON VAUGHN (Roseville, CA), 10/10/2017

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