Forum Title: Installing trap in washing machine drain pipe
We're getting a sewer smell from our washing machine drain pipe, which I'm assuming is because we need a trap. Should it be installed above the floor or is it possible/advisable to install in the crawlspace (please see pics). Also from what I've read we need a vent. Is that what is labeled in the second picture? If not, where and how should that be installed? House is in Indiana and was built in the 40's.
Category: Plumber Post By: ERICA LUCAS (San Jose, CA), 09/03/2016

Well it looks like a lot more work doing it from the crawl space . I will do it from the top add a p trap sanitary tee and aav on top

- GENE NUNEZ (Newark, OH), 09/11/2017

The house may have been built in the 40's, but that was handyman-hacked in much later, probably in the 90's. I would consider calling a plumber in, as I am thinking you have problems with more than just the laundry.

- MELISSA HALL (Farmington Hills, MI), 09/29/2017

Okay I googled and figured out an aav is an air admittance valve (I know next to nothing about plumbing). Would something like this be the correct configuration?

- COLLEEN NEAL (Manchester, NH), 10/13/2017

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