Forum Title: Water meter upsize
Hello guys, I am new to the forum and have question about what option should I take in order to get faster and higher water volume into the building. Pardon my lack of knowledge about plumbing but I want to hear from more people before making the decision. I own a flavored soda water company and have recently signed a lease to one of commercial properties in my area. The building is currently tapping water through 3/4" meter from the city but it has 1/2" copper running into the building. The building was built in 1960. I have two different advises from the architect and the plumber. The architect wanted me to upgrade the water meter to 1.5" size but the plumber suggested just the opposite which was to keep the 3/4" meter but change the water line into the building and throughout to 1.5". I have 2 x 1000 gallon tanks that I need to fill up rather quickly to make more soda water. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Cindy
Category: Plumber Post By: Paul Baumiller Sr. (Columbus, OH), 01/13/2017

Depending on exactly how quickly you need to fill those tanks, you might need to do both. But definitely, changing the water meter to 1 1/2 without also changing the service line will not do any good.

- JANICE BAILEY (Allentown, PA), 09/20/2017

Thank you guys for the comments.

- CALVIN SCHULTZ (Clifton, NJ), 10/03/2017

listen to the plumber . it is common since. if you put a 1.5 meter in, what good will it do? the service line is 1/2''. and that is the volume of water you will get. ow, if you change the service line size, you will change the volume also. change out the line size to your tanks

- BECKY ROJAS (Lenexa, KS), 10/08/2017

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