Forum Title: woodford model 14 leaking
So I know these leak when the seals fail and on one of my other faucets i have replaced the seals and it is working fine. I had another one and replaced its seals but it still dribbles when I turn it off. To be clear, it dribbles out the mouth of the faucet, not at a seam. I bought a new shank for it (which has new seals too) and was planning to throw that in next, but I thought I would stop a moment and see if anyone had any input to give. I can't tell you if this has ever frozen. We really don't have too much cold weather here. Thanks FYI: the model 14 is the same as the 17 but without antisiphon.
Category: Plumber Post By: LENA HIGGINS (Jacksonville, FL), 06/19/2016

Water leaking from the spout is a worn washer at the end of the shank. The new shank should have a new washer already on it, just check that the screw is not loose before installing.

- JESUS LAWSON (Cypress, CA), 09/12/2017

I have replaced the seals/washer already.

- BESSIE VAUGHN (Miramar, FL), 09/13/2017

I thought that you had stated you bought a new shank and had not installed it yet. My advice was to check the screw securing the washer to the shank before installing. If you installed the new shank with the new washer/screw, new packing, packing nut and packing washer and still have dribbling from the spout, you may have to remove them (all of the new parts) and inspect the inside of the valve for debris, scaling or damage where the washer seats to seal inside the valve body.

- FRED WARD (Lakewood, CA), 10/01/2017

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